South Korea takes motion in opposition to Huawei and Samsung for incorrect gadget data

Seoul: The South Korean ICT ministry has revoked the conformity assessments of around 1,700 communication devices from nearly 400 companies, including Huawei Technologies and tech giant Samsung Electronics, after submitting fake test protocols.

According to South Korean Radio Waves Act, communication devices must undergo conformity assessments that examine their effects on other devices and the human body in order to manufacture, sell or import them.

The Department of Science and ICT said it canceled reviews of 1,696 devices from 378 companies based on fake test records.

The devices will be removed from the sales channels and the companies will also be prohibited from receiving new conformity assessments for the devices in question for a year, reports the Yonhap news agency.

The rejection is the first for the ministry and comes after an investigation last year that uncovered the fake test protocols.

The ministry said companies had submitted test reports that appeared to have been issued by the US office of the global testing and certification organization Bay Area Compliance Laboratories (BACL), but were in fact from their Chinese offices.

While South Korea recognizes test results from the US-based BACL through an agreement with the US, it does not recognize tests from the organization’s Chinese offices.

The ministry said that while the companies argued that they were not involved in the process of making the test records, regardless of their intent, the devices could still be canceled under the Radio Waves Act.

According to the ministry, the Chinese manufacturer of television cameras Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Tech Co. was the main culprit with false records at 224 devices, followed by the Chinese drone manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co. with 145 and Huawei with 136.

Samsung Electronics was ranked 10th with 23 wrong records for devices such as wireless speakers.

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