Steph Curry’s “antenna up” after Nets’ James Harden blockbuster deal

The Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets upset the NBA landscape on Wednesday when they reportedly agreed to a blockbuster deal involving four teams that will send James Harden to the Eastern Conference.

“Casual Wednesday,” said Steph Curry on Wednesday night during an interview with Tim Roye about 95.7 The Game.

When the massive deal, which includes the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, is completed, Harden will reunite with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and team up with all-star point guard Kyrie Irving – if he should ever return from his strange absence.

“Pretty crazy,” Curry said to Roye. “I know nothing should surprise you in this league and there have been a lot of blockbuster trades in the last four, five, six years. But it’s just crazy to know that when it actually happens, the league’s landscape changes instantly .

“And of course it’s pretty interesting to see how KD is with the team we had and now with Kyrie and James out here.”

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The NBA keeps disappointing, with tons of star trades happening every year. The day the NHL opened the 2021 season, the NBA stole its thunder.

“This league is all entertainment and these types of trades keep interest at an all-time high,” said Curry.

The Warriors and Nets have some things in common this season. Both teams have lofty goals, but it’s about the players coming together. That will determine how far both teams will go in the NBA playoffs.

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While Curry is focused on helping the Warriors get back into the postseason, the recent seismic shift in the NBA caught his attention.

“Excited to see it all the way through, but obviously as a competitor it is holding your antenna up,” Curry said.

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