Storms knock down giant branches, 30 m excessive antenna towers in Rockcastle County

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Kentucky (WKYT) – Heavy rain and high winds wreaked havoc in Rockcastle County on Monday, knocking down large branches and even toppling a 30-meter antenna tower on a man’s home.

“There was a huge loud crash and then they looked out the window and the tower collapsed,” said homeowner Henry Cromer.

The antenna tower that was right behind Cromer’s house now sits above his roof. The impact dented part of the roof, but luckily, Cromer said there doesn’t appear to be any structural damage.

“It was pretty bad, but I thank God it wasn’t worse,” said Cromer.

Cromer had also dropped some large branches in his garden and in his driveway.

It was another stroke of luck that Cromer wasn’t home when it happened because he said his car was parked right where a store landed.

Cromer isn’t the only Rockcastle County resident to face some damage.

“There’s a subdivision just down the street just behind the school and a trampoline that belongs in one of the houses in the subdivision is on the other side of 25,” said Cromer. “The wind picked up really, really hard when I went to Mount Vernon, it was leaning over some pretty big trees.”

But Cromer said he was just grateful it wasn’t worse.

“Thank goodness I still have a family and a house,” said Cromer.

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