Strong-state energy amplifier navy satellite tv for pc command

STATE COLLEGE, PA. –S State College, PA. Teledyne Defense Electronics Paradise Datacom segment introduces dual-L- and S-band solid-state power amplifiers for military and commercial satellite command systems.

The L / S dual-band amplifier is available in two power levels in robust external housings. Power levels up to 800 watts are available in the high-performance external amplifier package HPAS2800GHXXXXXG and up to 400 watts in the compact HPAS2400GCXXXXXG external amplifier housing. Both devices are available for 1.75 to 2.12 GHz.

The L / S-band amplifier is suitable for military and commercial command and control environments and offers the high reliability of solid-state technology to support critical communication between the earth and satellites in a robust housing for outdoor use.

Compared to older vacuum-based technologies, the improved reliability and user-friendliness offers the operator the opportunity to support command and control devices with non-technical or semi-technical personnel.

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S- and L-band frequencies have been the industry’s preferred bands for location and tracking applications such as global positioning systems (GPS) and tracking, telemetry and control ground stations.

This dual-band product offers the ability to reduce the cost of control and regulation, leave a much smaller footprint, and achieve greater reliability compared to traditional Klystron power amplifiers. In modular solid-state deployments with n + 1 redundancy, the amplifiers can benefit from unmanned or remotely manned uplinks.

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