Strong state energy amplifiers for RF and microwave purposes such because the army communications launched by Comtech PST

MELVILLE, NY – Comtech PST Corp. in Melville, NY, introduces the Model BHED718778-500 X-Band Solid State Linear Power Amplifier for military ground communications and data link applications.

The efficient class AB amplifier uses gallium nitride (GaN) and operates at a frequency of 7.125 to 7.725 GHz while maintaining linearity performance at rated power.

This RF and microwave power device replaces relatively old traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and operates reliably in harsh environmental conditions.

The amplifier design provides self-protection for the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), temperature, and a minor degradation in the event of failure of the RF power module. The high mean time between failures (MTBF) supports reliability and low maintenance costs.

Comtech will tailor specific power amplifier configurations and functions over a wide range of frequencies and power levels for individual applications. For more information, please contact Comtech PST online at

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