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SAN DIEGO – Satellite Communications Experts (SATCOM) at Raytheon Technologies Corp. will equip the U.S., U.K. and Australian Navy with high-speed SATCOM antennas for submarines under a $ 90.3 million contract announced Thursday.

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) officials in San Diego have requested the Raytheon Intelligence & Space segment in Marlborough, Massachusetts to deploy 23 submarine high data rate (HDR) antenna systems.

The Sub-HDR antennas provide high capacity submarine communication in the SATCOM Extremely High Frequency (EHF) and Super High Frequency (SHF) bands and enable the reception of Global Broadcast Service messages.

The Sub HDR connects submarines to the world over the ocean by giving them high speed data multiband SATCOM capabilities. Submarines employ sub-HDR by raising a mast-mounted antenna above the surface of the sea while the submarine remains submerged at periscope depth, where the boat is difficult to see.

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The system can send and receive business-critical information such as secure broadband multimedia, voice and data traffic, images and video conferencing. Sub HDR allows underwater forces to participate in coordinated fleet combat group operations.

Under this contract, Raytheon will conduct the work in Largo, Florida. Marlborough, South Deerfield and Stow, Mass .; Fairfield, NJ; Portsmouth, NH; Woodland Hills and Torrance, California and should be ready by January 2024.

For more information, please contact Raytheon Intelligence & Space online at or NAVWAR at

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