Superior Check Tools Leases is now providing HILO-Check Automotive Check Methods for lease

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) announced that it is now offering HILO test car test systems for rent. ATEC, a leading provider of test and measurement equipment for automotive tests and numerous other industrial tests, is now offering the HILO-Test CAR PG 2804 and the HILO-Test CAR Test System 14 for immediate rental.

ATEC offers a growing inventory of products from top manufacturers such as HILO-Test with flexible rental options at affordable prices. ATEC sets the industry standard for test equipment rental, combining next day shipping and reliable equipment with knowledgeable customer support. ATEC simplifies the rental and testing process so customers can complete their projects faster.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers the rental of the load dumping generator HILO-Test CAR PG 2804 and the HILO-Test CAR Test System 14, both of which were developed to test the electromagnetic immunity of the electrical installation and the components of a vehicle against transients in the supply line. These two automotive test systems provide different impulses for testing standards such as ISO 7637, ISO 16750, ISO 21848 and a variety of other standards for automotive manufacturers. In addition, HILO-Test offers a large number of other vehicle testing devices.

“We are pleased to finally have products from the automobile manufacturer for transient tests HILO-Test in our robust rental portfolio,” said Gabe Alcala, Business Development Manager at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. “The CAR PG 2804 and CAR Test System 14 are new to automotive testing that provides the quality and reliability that the industry expects.”

You can now rent the HILO-Test CAR PG 2804 and the HILO-Test CAR Test System 14 from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals.

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