Supply Photonics releases 800G optical transceivers for information heart and telecommunications functions

Source Photonics announced a range of 800G optical transceivers for data center and telecommunications applications during the OFC 2021 virtual event.

With the first wave of large scale 400G deployments happening in the data center, hyperscale data center customers are already looking to 800G and beyond, along with the release of 25.6T switching ASIC to meet the growing demand for bandwidth-intensive applications to support.

The 800G client interfaces will not only double the port density compared to currently available 400G transceivers, but should also further reduce the performance per gigabit and the costs compared to comparable 400G client interfaces.

Source Photonics works closely with key customers to ensure that these solutions meet market requirements for these critical applications. Source Photonics leverages vertical integration for optical chips and assemblies that enable performance and power consumption. The portfolio of 800G transceivers for switching and routing applications includes:

800G DR8 OSFP & QSFP-DD800

  • Supports 500m, 2km and 10km ranges for 800G-DR8, 800G-DR8 + or 800G-DR8 ++
  • Supports 8x100GbE and 2x400GbE breakout modes
  • Complies with IEEE P802.3ck and IEEE 802.3cu-2021 standards
  • Complaint under the OSFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA) and QSFP-DD800 MS
  • 800G DR8 QSFP-DD800 supports MPO-16
  • 800G DR8 OSFP supported
    • MPO-16
    • Dual MPO-12 for backwards compatible with 2x400GbE DR4 breakout

2x400G FR4 OSFP & QSFP-DD800

  • Supports 2 km, 6 km and 10 km ranges for 2x400G-FR4, 2x400G-LR4-6 or 2x400G-LR4-10
  • Complies with IEEE P802.3ck, IEEE 802.3cu-2021 and 100G Lambda MSA standards
  • Complaint to OSFP MSA and QSFP-DD800 MSA
  • 2x400G FR4 QSFP-DD800 supports dual CS
  • 2x400G FR4 OSFP supported
    • Dual CS
    • Dual LC for waste fiber systems

“Several 800G transceiver offerings in various form factors and optical interfaces will be available to support optical connectivity between transport, routing and switching devices,” said Sheng Zhang, CTO, Source Photonics. “These transceivers will be available for customer samples from Q3 21 to meet the accelerated demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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