Telco Says New Antennas On Woodstock Tower Will Be 5G Succesful | Native information

WOODSTOCK, NY – Communications infrastructure company Crown Castle is now planning to install 5G-enabled antennas on the California Quarry cell tower in Woodstock.

“The antennas that are powered up are 5G-enabled antennas,” Crown Castle representative Richard Zajac said on Friday on the phone. “As soon as they are installed and set up, the network operator is in control and can control whether or not to send out a 5G signal.”

Woodstock officials said earlier this month that new devices on the tower would only be for T-Mobile’s 4G service, but Zajac said the current plan is to replace four antennas and add two that would be used for broadband service .

The city council has scheduled a meeting in the community building at 45 Comeau Drive for Monday at 7 p.m. to discuss information about the 5G service.

Zajac met with the Woodstock Planning Board on June 17, but couldn’t say if T-Mobile was planning to use the California Quarry Tower for 5G services. However, on Friday he said the city should expect the new devices to be used for the purpose.

The city should “consider this a 5G installation because we are dealing with devices that are 5G-enabled,” he said.

Fifth generation wireless technology, or 5G, has been the subject of health misinformation for several years, with opponents claiming it can cause anything from cancer to COVID-19. However, according to USA Today, standard 5G frequencies have been classified as safe by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. The commission is made up of scientists who study health risks associated with electromagnetic waves.

The Woodstock Planning Board fears that there is no information on T-Mobile’s specific plans for the new equipment in the California Quarry Tower, several miles north of downtown.

“From the city’s perspective, the proposed cell tower changes are part of the process,” said board member Stuart Lipkind. “I want to know it [future plans] so that I understand what we have to approve and what further developments down the line have to be taken into account. “

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