Temporary overview: Exterior OSXWifi BT antenna

A quick review – I chose to use an external antenna because my cMP had poor connections to my trackpad and keyboard right under my desk (the aluminum Apple bluetooth antennas that use 2xAA batteries). The keyboard was particularly bad as it often sat on top of a large A3 Wacom tablet, which is practically a giant RF shield.

I bought the antenna extender to see if an antenna should be placed above the desk and line of sight to my peripherals was the solution.

Regarding the connection, it has been provided with instructions that assume you can plug it directly into the port on the BT card. However, I remembered that hooking up these ports was a huge hassle the first time the WIFI / BT was upgraded from the end of the BT extension cord that was originally attached to the cable to the built-in antenna.

I put the cover of the antenna slot in slot 2 and found that, for reasons of space, I have not installed anything directly above my RX580, and then the 3 m extension to the external antenna.

I discovered a problem here – the antenna is REALLY fussy about its position and angle. Where my Beats Flex earbuds can work in the backyard while my iPhone is on my desk – through walls and between floors of my house, the external antenna would drop from 80% to 40% signal strength if tilted just 30 degrees.

I finally found a solution by using double-sided tape to attach it upside down to a mirror that is behind my center monitor. It points a few inches below the bottom of the screen, has a line of sight to both peripherals, and maintains a stable signal strength of 100%.

So yes there is a solution. In my case, it’s not a super elegant solution, but it is effective.

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