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On today’s Drew Miles Insurance Agency line-up card:

ALCOA TENN FEDERAL CREDIT UNION HEADLINES: Sports Page newshound Donnie Moore sniff past the smoke for this week’s best headlines.

GOTEEZ GOVOLS REPORT: Vol Legends Lon Herzbrun and Ray Trail Take another pass at the latest in Big Orange Country. Then the panel breaks the April sadness in the WATER EQUIPMENT SEC NOTEBOOK.

ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Maryville tennis coach Christian Burns brings rebel captain Jude Ellison and Lady Rebels No. 1 seeds Rachel Huffer to Blueticks to enjoy a service bug from the Daily Times Sports Editor’s vacation Troy Provost-Heron.

LAMAR PRINTING MARC IT DOWN: Eagleton’s sports program is underway and the school’s first head coach, Michael Boscocomes to visit with an experienced sports journalist Marcus Fitzsimmons.

CPR CELL PHONE REPAIR SPOTLIGHT: The spotlight seems to be on the return of America’s pastime Dr. Todd Klein some offerings from the Houston Astros favorite mug Charlie Puleo.

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