The colleges in Cleveland are hiring DigitalC to put in web antennas on buildings to extend protection

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In Cleveland schools, DigitalC nonprofits working to improve Internet access in underserved areas of the city can install antennas on certain school buildings to improve coverage.

The school authorities unanimously approved the measure on Tuesday evening. DigitalC and CMSD will sign a 20-year contract with Digital C paying an annual fee of $ 10 per building.

The school district and DigitalC have worked closely throughout the pandemic to give students access to the internet during distance learning. DigitalC is a low-cost Internet option available in select areas of Cleveland that is free to CMSD families. The school district pays a reduced fee of $ 16 per month per household for the service.

DigitalC has similar partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth, installing antennas on hospital buildings to expand its offering.

The buildings listed in the Cleveland School Contract include:

– East Professional Center

– Wade Park

– Martin Luther King Jr. High School

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

– Glenville High School

– Marion-Sterling

– Mary M. Bethune

– Sunbeam

– Harvey Rice

– Scranton School

– Luis Munoz Marin

– Buehrer elementary school

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