The Colombian Caquetá division will obtain 276 LTE antennas


Colombia Caquetá department will receive 276 LTE antennas, of which 123 will be active before the end of May.

The Ministry of ICT plans to achieve 70% national coverage by the end of the government’s term of office.

During her visit to Caquetá, ICT Minister Karen also encouraged Abudinen to participate in a call for the digital transformation of media, for which the government is earmarking 85 billion pesos (23.1 million US dollars).

Abudinen also met with the Mayor of Riecito, Julián Alberto Perdomo Losada, to discuss the use of 42 cell phone antennas, six digital zones, 79 digital centers and the provision of 800 computers for a school.

She promised Caquetá 324 digital centers for an investment of 47 billion pesos.

Abudine called on Governor Arnulfo Gasca to connect all urban areas together. “Let’s make this great alliance out of the digital pact. I am determined to connect 100% of the rural schools together this year. There are 360 ​​schools and that is how we fill the gaps,” she said.

So far, the ICT ministry has invested Pesos 53.7 billion in programs for Caquetá.

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