The Four finest out of doors TV antennas

In contrast to cable or satellite, television is free for viewers. You don’t have to subscribe to a contract or monthly payment plan. However, in order to get wireless television in your home, you need an antenna. The best outdoor TV antennas offer the strongest signal and most channels, although not all are created equal. It is best to opt for an outdoor antenna with an operating radius that matches the nearest transmission towers, supports all VHF and UHF ranges, and offers high definition quality.

Before doing anything else, it can be helpful to determine what channels are available in your area so that you know what to expect. Operating range of an antenna This will depend on a variety of factors including the topography of the country and the altitude at which you can install your antenna. However, a longer range antenna can be helpful if the available channels are limited in your area. Certain channels are received via nearby broadcast tower signals that are picked up by the antenna and relayed to your TV. The longer the range of the antenna, the better the chances of picking up additional channels. Most antennas need to be pointed at the transmission towers above, but some (known as omnidirectional antennas) can receive a wider range of broadcasts from multiple directions.

Broadcast frequencies are also an important factor. In the United States, broadcast frequencies are divided into three categories: FM Low (2 to 6), FM High (7 to 13), and UHF (14 to 51). If you decide to buy an outdoor TV antenna that supports the full frequency range, like all four listed below, there is no need to choose which channels to watch before purchasing.

Lastly, make sure your antenna supports high quality resolutions. Often times, over-the-air TV provides a clearer picture than cable because it doesn’t have to be compressed as much. Different TVs support different resolutions, but any antenna you choose should support at least 1080p, the standard for high definition viewing.

1. The best overall outdoor antenna

Yagi’s outdoor RCA antenna has over 8,000 ratings and a 4.4-star rating. Buyers rave about the “best antenna ever” because it delivers a clear signal and a surprising number of channels. One reviewer receives “rock-hard and crystal-clear” channels from broadcast towers 60 miles away. While the number of channels available depends on where you live, some reviewers have accessed over 100 channels using this antenna. Installation is relatively easy thanks to the pre-assembled design. Even so, it only costs $ 40. No wonder it is rated so highly on Amazon.

  • Supported resolutions: 1080p, 4K and 8K

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been trying to find an antenna that will work for me for 3 years. I’m about 20 miles from a cluster of television towers in Austin and most of my channels would be well received, but Fox would be very up and down and sometimes NBC, I tried at least 4 different antennas including indoor and outdoor antennas, eventually I bought these and I have more channels than before and ZERO hiccups. […] All of my channels were crystal clear. Best $ 40 I’ve spent in a while. “

2. The best budget choice

This one is a few dollars cheaper than the first pick, but still offers a wide range of broadcast frequencies (several reviewers claim using it with towers more than 50 miles away) and a clear picture. The ANTAN outdoor antenna is also weatherproof and has a built-in interference blocker to prevent radio signals from causing noise. Finally, it contains everything you need for a tool-free installation and it can be mounted on a wall, balcony or roof. While some reviewers say it isn’t the most reliable, others write that if you want to cut your cable it is a “fantastic deal”.

  • Supported resolutions: 1080p, 4K and 8K

One reviewer wrote: “Very easy to connect to the TV. Works even better with the metal ears pulled out. Get a clear picture and the best part is that it’s free. The cheapest outdoor antenna I’ve found that includes the coaxial cable. I live 60 miles away nearest town with TV channels. ”

3. The best long-range TV antenna

For those who are far from many transmission towers, a long range TV antenna is the way to go. The digitally amplified five-star antenna is an investment, but has a relatively long range. An Amazon reviewer uses this antenna to receive signals from transmission towers that are between 40 and 100 miles away. The antenna can also receive FM radio frequencies, but does not support 8K resolution. It has built-in reflectors to amplify the signal and can support up to five TVs at the same time.

  • Supported resolutions: 720p, 1080p and 4K

One reviewer wrote: “This guy has a lot of channels. We live two and a half hours from a big city. The picture quality is amazing for the antenna. […] These are not the old rabbit ears! ”

4. The best omnidirectional TV antenna

You don’t have to worry about positioning this 1 By One TV antenna in the right direction as it is omnidirectional. It has a special chip that makes it clear the sound, picture and color, and has a pretty impressive operating range. A reviewer receives 50 channels “clear as a bell, many from more than 90 miles away”. Although this antenna doesn’t support 8K resolutions, users will appreciate that its smaller shape and all-white design are slimmer than most other antennas. In addition, this antenna offers a 90-day refund and 24-month customer service.

  • Supported resolutions: 1080p and 4K

One reviewer wrote: “This antenna is perhaps the best of the small profile items on the market. It is not just easy to place and connect. [its] attractive size and shape is on par [its] The technical department was very quick to respond to my concerns and also provided setup assistance and instructions for additional web sites for station angle and location. “

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