The German state of affairs in Domingo has Aaron Boone’s antenna excessive

TAMPA, Fla – On Thursday night, Zack Britton did not run away from his critical comments regarding teammate Domingo German and his return to the Yankees after serving an 81-game ban for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy.

And manager Aaron Boone, taking note of Britton’s comments on social media, has no plans to interfere when it comes to getting Deutsch back into the clubhouse.

“I think Brit honestly answered a direct question,” Boone said on Friday.

When asked about Deutsch, who will be fighting for a rotation point during a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday during a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday, Britton said in part, “Sometimes you can’t control who your teammates are, and that’s the situation. I’m picking up vote does not agree with what he did. “

Challenged on social media later that night by a fan who told Britton, “You still don’t know the circumstances of what happened.” Britton didn’t give in and replied, “Hah, you think I don’t know the circumstances” Get a clue bud. BTW asked the question gave my answer. I don’t care if you’re sensitive to it. “

Did Britton speak for himself or did the reliever’s comments reflect the thoughts of other players – and if so, how many?

“I’m sure there are 1,000 levels of gray in how the boys feel, most certainly when serious situations come off the field, and I’m sure there are in our entire clubhouse,” said Boone. “So, as I said, my antenna is on and we will continue to try to monitor it, observe it and use it as best we can.”

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Ready for his close-up

Right-handed Jameson Taillon, who was acquired by the pirates this winter, said he was excited to officially slip into the pinstripe for the first time on Thursday, an event he remembered with a picture.

“Everyone in baseball, every sports fan, knows what the Yankee pinstripes mean,” Taillon said Friday. “And so [Thursday] When I put it on, I was just sitting by my locker and taking a picture in my pants right by my locker. I thought it was so cool. I didn’t know how it would feel until you are actually here and a part of it and you feel part of the team and the organization. So yeah, I mean it’s the Yankees. What can you say? “

Erik Boland started at Newsday in 2002. He covered high school and college sports and then switched to Jets Beat. He’s covered the Yankees since 2009.

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