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In addition to the IoT acceleration after the revolutionary rebranding, customer support is still in the foreground of the company values

BARCELONA, SPAIN, April 29, 2021 – Fractus Antennas was renamed from Ignion, a change that marked a new era of expansion and growth. With over 25 million devices deployed in just the last five years, the benefits of Virtual Antenna ™ are felt across the IoT industry.

Virtual Antenna ™ is designed to make it easy to deploy an antenna for any IoT device, reducing development time from months to weeks to ensure manufacturers can compete effectively. Ignion’s “antenna amplifier on a chip” technology ensures that electronics engineers can incorporate it into their designs without being antenna experts.

The Virtual Antenna ™ supports multiple cellular and non-cellular technologies, from NB-IoT and LTE-M to LPWAN and Bluetooth with low power consumption, at frequencies up to 10 GHz and can be used in a variety of IoT designs, making procurement is simplified and logistics.

The innovative technology is changing the practices of Ignion’s customers. “I recommend Ignion to cover all bands in different regions with a single hardware variant. From an inventory management perspective, it was much easier, ”said Justin Matthews, wireless communications device architect at Landis + Gyr, a global leader in smart grid and smart metering technology. “The Ignion solution definitely helped us because we can get the product to market earlier. “The design is much less complex and the validation time for us is much shorter.”

A simple three-step integration process is fully supported by Ignion’s services. This integration can be made even easier by taking advantage of Ignion Wireless Fast Track Service Tool, whereby the antenna amplifier is virtually placed on the circuit board. Ignion then designs the first suitable electronic circuit for the required frequency bands, all of which are optimized for the card intended for the device. This allows the radiant power of the device to be predicted from the start. In line with Ignion’s ethos of delivering innovative solutions and tailored support to customers, wireless Fast Track users receive feedback within 24 hours.

This service is valued by Justin Matthews: “Because [Ignion] Reports are professionally designed and template-based. They can be disseminated internally without any effort on your part or having to edit them. ”

Similarly, other customers have chosen the Ignion Virtual Antenna ™ for its features and the customer-centric ethos behind the Ignion brand. Peter Huang, designer at ZillionSource, a global leader in IoT supply chain and long-term asset tracking, says, “High performance and professional design were key factors in choosing Ignion.”

With simple design processes, configuration capabilities and Ignion’s backup support, Virtual Antenna ™ helps manufacturers build rapid success in the growing IoT industry.

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