The Important Communications Overview – Maha Metro selects DAMM TETRA radio system for Pune Metro

Tetra | 2021-04-15

DAMM Cellular announced that a combined radio communication solution, consisting of devices from DAMM and System Partner Consort Digital, has been selected for the new, prestigious Pune Metro Rail project on the cutting edge of technology.

The solution consists of a combination of high-performance DAMM interior systems, Consort Digital Train radio systems and Sepura TETRA handheld and mobile radio devices. It is used for radio communication of two lines that cover almost 33 kilometers of track, 34 cabins, 29 stations and two depots.

Pune Metro will be operational by the end of 2021 and have a capacity of more than 1000 drivers per train, which will run on a combination of underground and elevated tracks. The service will run 19 hours a day and is expected to serve more than 600,000 passengers a day.

Excellent coverage, distributed architecture, flexible deployment

The high-performance DAMM interior system ensures adequate coverage of the entire railway above and below ground, while the distributed architecture, open API and modular configuration provide a tailor-made solution that fully meets the customer’s requirements.

“The key to the success of such projects is the distributed architecture in the DAMM TetraFlex® system, with which we can carry out a step-by-step commissioning of the radio system, even if the control centers are not completely ready and equipped,” says Arpit Kumar Srivastava, direct sales at Consort Digital .

The strength of partnerships

Carsten Laursen, Regional Director of DAMM, agrees that the open API is an important advantage of a DAMM system in addition to the close cooperation with partners, and adds: “Winning this project again shows the strength of our DAMM system partner program and that what can be achieved through close cooperation. “


The Pune Metro Rail Project was launched as a solution to the increasing problems of traffic congestion and pollution caused by the rapid population growth in Pune over the past few decades. Due to an inadequate infrastructure, which resulted in average commute times of more than 100 minutes per day using public transport, the number of people traveling to the city increased significantly.

To address this issue, it was decided to bolster the city’s infrastructure with a new reliable metro line operated by MAHA Metro Rail Corporation Limited, a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra. Aside from an estimated 75% reduction in travel time, Pune Metro will result in improved air quality, lower fossil fuel consumption and fewer traffic accidents.

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