The invoice for the GRU’s public radio system is because of be paid in March

GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) – A conflict resolution meeting was fiery at first, but ended with a proposed date for the GRU public radio bill bill.

The City of Gainesville, GRU and Alachua County are one step closer to solving a problem with their shared emergency communications system operated through GRU-com. A conflict resolution meeting between the groups ended with the three close to an agreement to keep the radio system used by the fire brigade, ambulance and police in operation for the rest of the financial year.

Last month, GRU-com billed the county for more than a million dollars more than planned. This was the county’s share of the costs associated with system improvements.

The meeting tried to address the question of how this accounting would work and what the city and county owed.

The final bill will be agreed by members of Gainesville City and Alachua County in mid-March. A price suggested by GRU-com would be $ 2.7 million. The bill for Alachua County would be 53% of that number and for Gainesville it would be 47%.

The initial discussion about the bill became quite heated on both sides.

Lee Feldman, Gainesville City Manager, spoke about setting deadlines for further development.

“I’m just thinking of the ability of GRU-com … they want answers sooner than later and I think we all work better with deadlines to get there.”

Ed Bielarski began to speak very passionately, but ultimately agreed that the conversation was necessary.

He said, “I want to somehow bring all of us back to this conflict resolution because I think this discussion highlights some interesting points and I don’t want to lose that.”

At the meeting in mid-March, the groups hope to work out the final details of an agreement for this year and plan the future of the system.

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