The Keysight survey exhibits the actual value of time delays attributable to misconfiguration, upkeep, and coaching points with take a look at gear

SANTA ROSA, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company helping businesses, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, revealed the results of a third-party survey conducted by Dimensional Research Published This shows that nearly all companies that design and develop electronic products experience costly and avoidable delays related to misconfiguration, maintenance, or training issues with test equipment.

The survey found that 98% of research and development engineers reported workflow issues related to calibration and setup, equipment abuse, or equipment failure. Ninety-seven percent had experienced delays that directly resulted in lost revenue for their company. 53 percent reported trash worth over $ 100,000 per day while you wait for critical technical support issues to be resolved. Over half (59%) had six or more issues each month that required a technical support resolution. To mitigate these issues, 89% of research and development engineers said their test teams were more efficient and had faster access to testing experts and knowledge-based resources.

“Electronics companies are under constant pressure to shorten the life cycle of new product developments in order to meet time-to-market goals,” said John Page, president of Keysight Global Services. “These companies can no longer afford to wait days or weeks to resolve technical support issues with test and measurement equipment. You need quick expert responses with dedicated and reliable response times. ”

Key findings from the survey of 305 research and development engineers across industries such as technology and telecommunications include:

  • Problems related to test devices lead to delays in almost all companies: 97% of respondents said they experienced project delays due to problems with test devices. Repair errors that needed to be repaired were the most common, cited by 63% of those surveyed, followed by incorrect configuration of devices (56%) and non-calibrated devices (50%).

  • The cost of days lost to test equipment issues is high: 53% said their organizations lost more than $ 100,000 per day when R&D teams were unable to progress due to test and measurement equipment issues. Twelve percent of respondents said their company lost more than $ 500,000 a day.

  • Challenges with test and measurement devices are a regular problem: In a typical month, 95% of the respondents stated that they had to contact the technical support of their test device manufacturer at least once. Meanwhile, 59% of respondents reported having six or more technical support issues per month, with 13% reporting more than 20 issues per month.

  • The Impact of Equipment Problems on Business: 53% of respondents said that improperly functioning test equipment negatively affected product yields. Forty-seven percent said a product was rejected by a buyer, and 45 percent said they saw higher product returns. 28 percent experienced product recalls. This directly degrades their quality record and reputation from which it is difficult to recover.

  • The Value of Test-Related Support Services to Experts: 90% of respondents said they would value access to expertise on technical support from outside the company. Assistance in troubleshooting a problem was the most requested service (reported by 54%), followed by answers to technical questions and discussions (53%), understanding how a particular test or device function worked (49%), and calibration services ( 46%)).

“Manufacturing test and R&D engineers are really at the forefront of this battle. In the past, they have had time to become experts in test equipment and standards, ”said Ted Burns, KeysightCare global director at Keysight. “However, since the test matrices develop in a spiral and the use cases increase sharply, they simply don’t have time to research the functionality of the test devices, optimize the test configurations or fix complex tests in complicated test environments. The result is a reactive approach to firefighting that causes costly delays, lost revenue, and engineering teams resorting to late nights and unwanted weekend work as the only downsides. ”

Keysight offers KeysightCare to help companies overcome these challenges. a comprehensive, scalable model to support tests and measurements. KeysightCare provides dedicated, proactive support for instruments, software and solutions to design and test engineers. It provides a priority connection to highly qualified live technical experts as well as a knowledge center with technical content and programming examples. KeysightCare provides dedicated response and lead times for repair, calibration, and technical support to accelerate customer innovation and reduce product time to market.

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