The newest IoT antenna presents excessive efficiency at a low worth

17-03-2021 | Novocomms | Subs & Systems

Novocomms announced the global launch of the FPCB LTE 4G antenna. The device is the latest addition to its patented multi-channel antenna for use in the IoT area.

Dr. Sampson Hu, Founder and CEO of Novocomms, said at the launch of the FPCB LTE 4G, “Our reputation for delivering great antennas at a competitive price is further strengthened with the launch of the FPCB LTE 4G.

“Our unique advantage is that we offer a customized service. Our competitors do not offer this individual one-to-one support and we guarantee customer satisfaction.”

The device has a fully customizable cable and can be set to respond to LB, MB, or HB bands. All antennas are designed with an impedance of 50 ohms. The range is all offered with fully customizable coaxial cables.

With the growing demands on IoT devices in the medical field, the company’s designers have enabled transmission and reception over 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite frequencies.

Dr. Hu added, “The evolution of IoT, and particularly in the medical field, has the potential to transform medical care. From the very beginning, we have worked with medical companies to develop the next generation of antennas that enable the communication that dormant we are well positioned to provide the technology that serves society. “

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