The one antenna you should use to ship requests took a couple of yr with out doing so

The most distant people have come with one of their creativities through the twin probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The two elements that were sent into space have already left the solar system and are without a doubt. One of the greatest landmarks of mankind. Voyager 2, despite being after 44 years of being released in the past few years, continues to struggle. In these last days NASA called her again to keep giving her orders What are you doing there in interstellar space?

In March last year, NASA announced that it would have no contact with the probe for at least 11 months. They basically trusted their technology four decades ago to make this possible Survive alone and in automatic mode All this time. And she did.

An antenna can talk to the Voyager 2

But why didn’t they call her? because There was no antenna for that. Due to the flight that Voyager 2 took, it is only possible to communicate with him from one point on the planet in Australia. The only antenna available that enables this is DSS 43, a DSN (Deep Space Network) infrastructure antenna. DSN is a network of three stations in the USA, Australia and Spain. They are not random locations, but have been specially selected to cover 360 degrees of space from Earth.

However, DSS 43 required a number of fixes and improvements. In addition to, They used the shortened communications for other missions Where it came in handy, especially on the missions to Mars that we’ve been seeing in the past few weeks.

After this is all over, NASA decided to re-sync the DSS 43 antenna with the Voyager 2 probe. In this way, it re-establishes its connection to the probe, which is a connection. It takes an additional 17 hours 35 minutes to send a message and an additional 17 hours and 35 minutes to receive a reply. Why? With the probe so far away (more than 18 billion kilometers) the messages simply couldn’t be sent any faster.

It must be said that during this time NASA received information from the probe through the other antennas of the Australian station. however Messages cannot be resent Because it didn’t have enough antenna to do that. Likewise, last October, they only had a minimal number of connections to tell Voyager 2 that “everything is fine” and not to hibernate forever.

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