The place you may nonetheless discover sliding antennas for a GTA On-line bonus of $ 250,000

T.The arrival of the Cayo Perico Heist has brought a lot of new GTA Online content. With a new quest you activate 10 antennas on the map for an extremely high cash prize. You can find it here.

The most anticipated event of Grand Theft Auto Online is finally here. The Cayo Perico Heist is the first map expansion in the world of GTA V, and Rockstar Games has also added a variety of brand new content to the game. New weapons, vehicles and missions are available to you.

On a side mission, you’ll explore the main map looking for 10 antennas for a new radio station called Still Slipping Los Santos. These towers are all over town and you have to activate each one to get a nice bonus. If you do so, you will also be rewarded with $ 250,000 in-game cash.

Where can you find the antennas that are still sliding?

The hard part of this mission is reaching the antennas. Many of them are spread across the GTA V map so you travel a lot. That said, you need to choose a vehicle built for speed or try to approach it from the sky in a helicopter or jet.

The first thing you have to do is visit Mirror Park. There is a point on the map marked with a yellow “J”. When you go there, one of the new radio stations will open. This also unlocks the side quest “Antennas still sliding”.

You now need to find and activate all 10 radio antennas. You can do this in any order. Therefore, first visit those who are closest to you. Here are all of the antenna locations in GTA Online:

  • Location 1: On top of the building next to the beach and tattoo parlor on the left side of the map, near San Andreas / Goma St.
  • Place 2: Northwest side of town – on top of the hillside building in Pacific Bluffs.
  • Place 3: Bottom right of the map near the Ammu Nation with reach at Cypress Flats / Popular St.
  • Location 4: At the top of the skyscraper near the north side of town between Los Santos Customs, the Barber Shop and the Ponsonbys in Burton.
  • Place 5: In Sandy Shores.
  • Location 6: Near the suburb in the Grand Senora desert.
  • Location 7: Near a small cluster of buildings in Vinewood Hills.
  • Location 8: Close to the motorway on the south side of Grapeseed.
  • Location 9: At the gondola station in Mount Chiliad.
  • Location 10: On the building next to the Ammu Nation in Paleto Bay.

You can see these on a map below from Reddit user relega. As mentioned, many of these can be a little difficult to get to as some of them are on top of buildings. You have to be careful not to fall off while climbing.

If you want to avoid accidentally visiting the same antennas you’ve been on, check to see if the towers beep. If it doesn’t, then you’ve already activated it and should move on to a different one.

Activating each antenna will give you a ton of XP. There’s an additional $ 250,000 prize as well, but you’ll need to unlock all of the towers to get the full cash bonus. The quest is pretty easy to complete as there is no time limit or order.

Well worth traveling around Los Santos several times to make that much money in a short amount of time. There will be many other new missions coming with the Cayo Perico Heist as well, and we will be sure to keep you posted on them.

Photo credit: Rockstar Games & u / relega

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