The Senate will then defuse and refinance the legislation enforcement radio system throughout price range negotiations

The deadline for the current SLERS contract is looming.

The Senate added a budget item for the nationwide law enforcement radio system.

The move became apparent during a session of the budget conference on Saturday.

SLERS is a unified digital wireless network used by state law enforcement officers and other participating agencies across the state.

The system had to be revised at least three years However, a contract has yet to be signed.

Previously, the Senate’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-22 had shown the removal of funds to fund this system. The budget for the current year is approximately $ 21.6 million for SLERS contract payments.

It is. Ben AlbrittonThe chairman of a budget conference committee repeated earlier statements by the Senate President Wilton Simpson that the line item was removed so that the state would not show its cards when the Department of Management Services (DMS) negotiates with outside providers to take over the contract.

“In the best interests of the state and in finding the state’s taxpayers, we felt we needed to work on this pricing,” said Albritton.

The line item is back in the Senate budget, which is now listed at $ 19 million. The house has budgeted $ 17.4 million for SLERS.

The SLERS contract is valued at around $ 18 million per year. The rest of the collections go to DMS to finance support staff for the operation of the system.

However, since the end date for the current contract is on June 30, 2021, there is still no contract for a new provider to upgrade the important radio system. The budget position was added “in anticipation” of a contract.

Despite the elimination of the position in the Senate budget, funding of the system is likely to continue all along. Senate Act 2510, which approves the funding mechanism for the program, passed both chambers last week.

SLERS is funded by a $ 3 fee that is added to the traffic cards.

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