The tax courtroom receives a proposal to improve the radio system

Artwork from Owensboro Times

The Daviess County Finance Court received only one million dollar bid to upgrade its radio communications system for first responders.

“We received a proposal from Motorola – we’ll look into pricing,” said Jordan Johnson, Daviess County’s Finance Court buyer. “We have to weigh that up with our advisor, and these numbers will be released if we continue to negotiate where we want to end up in terms of our goals versus costs.”

Johnson said he wasn’t particularly surprised that Motorola was the only bidder after speaking with other manufacturers. Motorola has an edge over competitors because it has a Kentucky hub and history that works with the county.

“The hurdles (other companies) would have to be taken to move into this area, it wasn’t particularly shocking,” said Johnson. “Those hurdles would be a local point of sale that supplies parts, technicians, and other personnel to support the entire system.”

Representatives from more than a dozen companies came to Daviess County last month to gather the details of the project.

Johnson said the county had the option to decline the proposal and try again, but “that is unlikely to be the case,” as he saw in Motorola’s proposal.

The county is looking for a public safety (700/800 MHz) P25 radio to improve overall system coverage, capacity and interoperability. The project took more than a year and the consulting firm Trott Communications Group was hired to oversee operations.

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