The Vallejo Police Division declares the transition to a brand new digital radio system – Instances-Herald

After more than 20 years of operating an obsolete radio system, the Vallejo Police Department has teamed up with the East Bay Regional Communications Systems Authority (EBRCSA) to make digital radio communications a reality, the VPD announced on Thursday.

Brand new digital handheld and cellular devices have been installed in each of their patrol vehicles in the department since Tuesday. A step that VPD sees as a “game changer” in the public sector. As part of the one-year project, new MCC7500 wireless consoles were also used in the VPD shipping center.

While VPD initiated the process of purchasing new radios in 2016, the project was delayed for budget reasons, according to a press release. As a result, the department used inferior alternatives to either use or replace parts of the analog system, creating an extremely dangerous environment for officers on patrol.

Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams recognized the inherent danger and general need for a modern communications system and made the acquisition of digital radios a top priority for the department.

“We want to make sure that the service is communicated clearly, precisely and effectively to the public,” said Williams in the press release. “Our partnership with EBRCSA helps us achieve this goal and we are grateful to the members of our department who have helped make this transition a reality.”

The new radios offer VPD a number of benefits, including improved call quality, sound and reception. The radios purchased also have a tri-band feature that allows the VPD shipping center to deliver calls for service to the VPD and VFD in digital and analog formats. At 800 MHz, the digital frequency is a huge improvement on the radio waves used with the legacy analog system.

“EBRCSA has a very robust infrastructure that allows us to operate in the Vallejo and Contra Costa and Alameda counties, where the system is located,” said Todd Tribble, acting captain for the VPD. “In the coming months, we will be building additional infrastructure to improve our effectiveness and operability across Solano County.”

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