ThinKom develops Q / V-band phased array antennas for satellite tv for pc constellations

ThinKom’s new Q and V band terminals for operation on next-generation satellites. Photo: ThinKom

ThinKom solutions develops a new phased array user terminal designed to operate in higher millimeter wave frequency bands to work with next generation satellite constellations in low-earth orbit (LEO) and medium-earth orbit (MEO). The terminal announced on July 13th will operate in the Q and V bands.

The Electronically Scanned Arrays (ESAs) are offered in configurations for aeronautical and ground-based stationary and mobile applications. It is based on ThinKom’s patented VICTS (Variable Inclination Continuous Transverse Stub) technology and the company claims to have built and tested similar Q-band antennas.

Bill Milroy, CTO of ThinKom, said the terminals will support two simultaneous full duplex beams that can be independently directed to two different satellites, a feature that is highly desirable in the LEO / MEO connectivity arena. “This new phased array development is timed to fully enable the upcoming frequency revolution that promises to unlock massive new available bandwidth at these higher MMW frequencies for the next generation LEO and MEO satellite constellations,” said Milroy .

ThinKom did not announce when the terminals might become commercially available.

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