Trimble sensible antennas for harsh environments

Trimble announced the Trimble AX940 and AX940i high-precision GNSS smart antennas, designed for a wide range of high-precision applications including precision agriculture, construction milling machines, forestry harvesters, autonomous vehicles, port automation and mobile mapping.

With the support of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, and NavIC for multiple frequencies and multiple constellations, the smart antennas can provide reliable centimeter accuracy in a wide variety of environments. In addition, the Trimble AX940 and AX940i provide reliable, high-precision positioning without the limitations of a local base station or cell modem using Trimble RTX correction services.

The AX940i’s built-in inertial sensors allow tight integration with GNSS observations into the RTK / RTX positioning and orientation engine and provide continuous, high-rate, low-latency output to guidance and control systems.

“The new AX family of intelligent antennas offers the latest GNSS and inertial technology in an easy-to-integrate and robust form factor,” said Thomas Utzmeier, general manager of Trimble OEM GNSS. “The intelligent antennas are reliable, robust and compact and an ideal option for OEMs and system integrators to add high-precision positioning to their applications quickly and easily.”

The Trimble AX940 and AX940i offer flexible interfaces for fast data transfer and configuration. simplified integrations shorten development times; An intuitive 3D graphical webpage allows easy input of the lever arm for easier setup.

The fully featured smart antennas are equipped with 336 channels to support multiple constellations. Trimble RTX and OmniSTAR support; flexible RS232, USB, CAN and Ethernet interfaces; and advanced monitoring of the RF spectrum. The AX940i also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless interface and control.

The AX940 and AX940i use the latest Trimble Maxwell 7 technology and have flexible signal management that allows the use of all available GNSS constellations and signals.

The Trimble AX940 and AX940i intelligent antennas are expected to be available through Trimble’s OEM GNSS sales channel in the first quarter of 2021.

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