Volkswagen want to invoice you for the gear that’s already in your automobile

According to an article on Autocar, the car brand Volkswagen plans to test a subscription service pilot in six German cities this year. Potential services being tested include GPS navigation and – keep your seats tight – extra range for battery-powered vehicles.

And I don’t know about you, but I guess you can’t really download more range via a wireless update. That would mean your car’s battery is already big enough to store more energy, and that VW was a bit too greedy, changed the range through software, and then charged you extra when you wanted to use it at full capacity. Even though you’ve already paid for the car.

According to company representatives, you can activate infotainment functions as needed, as well as functions that can be activated later, e.g. B. the adaptive cruise control and the automatic dimming of the headlights. And history tells us that such a business model is not new. In the past, automakers have charged a monthly or annual fee for things like new cards or live traffic. However, these things could be explained by the fact that for live traffic you need a data connection that costs money, and for new cards – well, they’re new. You get bang for your buck. Don’t rent something you own.

Now the car you would buy would already be equipped with automatic cruise control, auto-dimming headlights and a battery of a certain capacity. Why should you pay extra for what’s already there?

Sure, auto officials will say you may not need heated seats all the time and that you can only pay to use them in winter when it’s cold outside. Or that you don’t need auto-dimming headlights if you only drive during the day. But also here the technology, the components – they are already assembled!

In my opinion, it’s just a matter of money. Plain and simple. VW doesn’t even try to hide the fact that such a business model could generate sales in the millions of euros in less than five years. We’ll see how Volkswagen’s little experiment goes, but BMW and other manufacturers have had similar experiences with expected results. Only Tesla charges a pretty penny for its so-called full self-driving capability and seems to get away with it.

But what do you think of this trend that doesn’t seem to be going away? Would you be willing to pay extra for things that are already in your car with the possibility of lowering the purchase price?

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