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If you haven’t connected an antenna to your TV, you are missing out on free channels that you might see in high definition. Many people who cut the cable in the last year to save money are missing out on an opportunity to get many of the channels they used to pay for.

But which TV antenna is right for you?

When you shop on Amazon, you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of antennas for $ 20 and up. You will also see antenna manufacturers make outrageous claims about their products that are simply not true.

“I’ve seen claims for over 1,000 miles. This is absolutely fraudulent,” said Richard Schneider, founder of Antennas Direct. “You simply cannot expect reliable reception.”

To get these channels from the transmitters to your home TV, line of sight through the antenna is required. Hills, buildings, trees and the curvature of the earth prevent channels from reaching an indoor antenna.

“A normal person should never expect reliable reception, more than 70-80 miles with an outside antenna,” said Schneider. “With an indoor antenna, I would say it can push 30-40 miles.”

TV antennas won’t be able to receive cable channels, but some manufacturers are promoting antennas that receive ESPN, HBO, and other channels that are only available through cable, satellite, or pay-TV sources.

TV antennas are also often marketed as 4K and 8K antennas, but transmission of this technology is not yet available. So beware of claims made by what Schneider calls a “snake oil seller”.

According to Schneider, if you are looking to buy a TV antenna, there are a few things you should know in order to get the best reception possible.

“Elevation is your friend. The higher you get the antenna, the more successful and reliable it will be,” he said. “If you are less than 50 miles from the transmission towers, you can use an indoor antenna. Try putting it near a window and use the Antenna Point app and bring it to a window on the side of the house to that of the transmission tower. “

The Antenna Point app is free for iOS and Android devices. Based on your exact location, the app shows the location of all TV channels in your area on a map.

Schneider also says that having a reinforced antenna plugged into an electrical outlet may not help at all. If the antenna cannot “see” the tower at all, amplified antennas cannot make it appear suddenly. Reinforced antennas can indeed be helpful if you are using one antenna for multiple TVs or if there is a long cable between the antenna and the TV.

Watch the full interview with Schneider online.

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