White Paper: Tiny WiFi Antennas Are Revolutionizing System Design and Manufacturing, Says Ignion

The new Virtual Antenna ™ technology from Ignion is millimeters wide and multiband capable. To learn more, download the whitepaper by filling out the form at the end of this post.

By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman

Tiny standard chip antennas will revolutionize the way Wi-Fi devices are designed and manufactured, say Ignion’s Spain-based Wi-Fi antenna experts. The new ‘Virtual Antenna’ components increase design flexibility and reduce time-to-market for new Wi-Fi devices with a smaller form factor without compromising performance. The new antennas are ideal for multiband, massive MIMO and other applications, says Ignion.

The number of Wi-Fi devices in the world will continue to grow dramatically as the size of Wi-Fi devices continues to shrink – be it for personal use, for networking, or for the IoT. Now there is finally an antenna technology that can pick up and even amplify this trend: Ignion invented a set of tiny, off-the-shelf, PCB-mounted Wi-Fi antennas to create a new generation of super-compact, high-performance, multi-band WiFi devices.

Rather than customizing antennas for each device design – a costly and inflexible process – Ignion’s “Virtual Antenna ™” technology enables the use of standard antenna components. With this approach, a circuit that matches the antenna can be designed in hours, says Ignion. The antennas themselves are only a few millimeters high, wide and wide.

To learn more about Ignion’s unique antenna technology, register to download the Whitepaper: Optimal use of WiFi with a virtual antenna™ down!

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