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WILTON – City emergency services are hoping to improve communications coverage and plan to install two antennas on a tower on Dram Cup Hill in Milford.

“There are no other emergency services on it” Fire chief Don Nourse announced to the Select Board on Monday, August 2nd. “It’s the perfect place to fix our radio problems.” the a number of “Dead spots” or have poor reception. “That would cover our emergency service perfectly.”

A proposed ten-year contract would provide the fire brigade and police with repeater radios. It would also allow the fire department to leave their Pead Hill location for use by the highway agency, thereby improving their connections.

Nourse said he could potentially share the Dram Cup Hill grounds with Mont Vernon, which will cut costs for both cities. The two cities are currently both covered by the Milford Area Communications Center (MACC Base).

“We could also have a backup” said Nourse, suggesting Amherst and Brookline. “We don’t have a backup now.”

Police Chief Eric Olesen said: “The altitude is important and we would be the first” that is, at the top of the tower.

Selectman Kermit Williams said: “We need a clear answer if we can use federal funds from the ARP (American Rescue Plan Act).” He agreed to the select board “Find the money for the license you need in your budget.”

Both Chairwoman Kellie-Sue Boissonnault and Selectman Matt Fish agreed that they must move forward with the idea and authorized City Administrator Paul Branscomb to “Proceed with the drafting of an agreement” to use the tower.

A meeting with Mont Vernon was already scheduled and the idea would be added to this discussion.

On other matters, the board postponed further discussions on Monday about moving the ambulance service to the fire station after the firefighters present were called to an emergency.

“I think we’re going too fast” Boissonnault said. “Our partners (in Service, Lyndeborough and Greenfield) are hesitant. Let’s slow down a little. The three cities share the cost.

Fish said “We have to treat our partners as such.” He noticed the extra response time for the other two cities. “I think it’s good to have the ambulance at the fire station, a great idea, but let’s take a step back and listen to our partners’ concerns.

Williams added that they have to choose “Who gets the money if we sell (the current) building.”

It was decided that a joint meeting of the selection panels was required.

Suggestions for repairing the Frog Pond Dam have been received. The city has until next May to raise the money to hire an advisor and prepare an arrest warrant for the next city meeting.

Williams said Wilton and Milford sewer commissioners had met and Milford would make the necessary upgrades, which could cost millions of dollars. Wilton is a primary user who is expected to pay their stake.

Selectman hopes to use ARP funds. Applications have been made for these funds.

Boissonnault said the board “must start looking for a new motorway authority building.” Money has been made available for the project for several years.

The next regular board meeting will take place on Monday, August 16, at 6 p.m.

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