Wizz Air suits onto the primary Iridium window antennas

The first “fflya” kit, a bluetooth connectivity kit developed by AS-IP Tech, a specialist in aviation bluetooth connectivity, was installed on an aircraft, namely a Wizz Air UK Airbus A321. A key component of the installation is the Iridium Next window antenna system. The certified setup consists of minimal components, which simplifies the installation in cooperation with Storm Aviation in cooperation with the technical service of Wizz Air UK.

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The original concept of a Bluetooth passenger network connected to a window antenna via Iridium was tested by AS-IP in 2010. By 2016, the company had commercialized the first installation with two window antennas in a private jet. In 2018, AS-IP launched the airline version and carried out further tests with a double Iridium platform on an Airbus A340.

According to AS-IP, the nAnother step forward for its technology is ground testing to aid in the airline’s operating license.

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